Jane Austen Award Listing.

Editorial reviews bear a clear and precise non partisan assessment outlining the key elements of the plot, its structure, dialogue, characters, story development, formatting, readability of the work, and literary merit. < erudite as opposed to pretentious, or sloppy disregard for nuance of chosen historical period > 
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Although Georgiana Darcy’s life at Pemberley is a happy one, the lure of London in winter and escape from the bleak Derbyshire Dales thrills her young and impressionable mind. Her wish granted by Darcy, her aunt Lady Matlock fulfils Georgiana’s dream of glittering soirees and handsome beaux. The romanticism of it all and her naiveté is a high risk factor. Hardly surprising then George Wickham lingers in everyone’s minds. Escorted by her joint legal guardian Georgiana’s safety is assured and her aunt views an extremely handsome aristocrat as a timely distraction for her niece. Georgiana’s charms in the meanwhile disarm the man neither had considered as a suitor. A hopeless situation arises, and tensions and frustrations lead to an engaging end. Fans of JAFF will assuredly enjoy this Christmas tale of unbidden love. Ms Aminadra’s narrative is consistent with informality of prose throughout and highly descriptive of facial expressions. Her command of history is woven seamlessly through formal and informal character dialogue, the humour and candour adding spice and bitter sweet sentiments to the fore. Therefore, the Jane Austen Award is hereby bestowed as a symbol of literary merit. Jane Austen Readers’ Award

Starring the foremost characters of Pride & Prejudice, Darcy and Elizabeth’s story resumes at Pemberley where the estate demands his frequent attention. Left bored with little to do, Elizabeth ponders her future as the mistress of a house that is orderly and managed by Mrs Reynolds. Soon, her insatiable curiosity leads to a minor indiscretion. Tendered insecure by a shocking discovery she fears Darcy has spun a web of deceit to bury a dark secret. In the meanwhile dramatic cameos reintroduce her beloved sister Jane, and the wickedly improper Lydia. Fans of JAFF will assuredly excuse the risk Darcy undertakes to ensure Elizabeth’s adventurous spirit is fulfilled and by doing it he redeems his honour in her eyes. A thrilling triple dénouement concludes with extra news of a happy event at Longbourn. There is a distinct lyrical cadence to Ms Howarth’s literary prose, and peppered with humorous dialogue her command of history and descriptive narrative weaves a seamless pictorial of people and places. Therefore, the Jane Austen Award is hereby bestowed as a symbol of literary merit. Jane Austen Readers’ Award

With a poignant story line and colourful array of characters, young Mr Gardiner is the central figure in this prequel to Pride and Prejudice. He bears the stamp of a principled young man of honour, whose caring nature endears him to strangers. Without exception a young boy in need accedes to understanding reflected within Gardiner’s kindly eyes, and later becomes his protégé. In like spirit a young woman’s written words captivate Gardiner’s imagination and lead to a romantic entanglement and untold drama. Indeed, a mysterious and romantic thread runs throughout this novel with literary prose and natural dialogue. Ms Everly’s work demonstrates a commanding hold on narrative and history, and fans of JAFF novels will surely submerge themselves in the early days of the young Mr Gardiner. The occasional cameo appearance of much loved characters from Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice adds extra nuance of the Bennet family. And last, but not least, the Jane Austen Award is hereby bestowed as a symbol of literary merit. 

The Jane Austen Complimentary is equal to semi-finalist placement:

Acknowledgement of a GOOD READ!      

The novel begins with a teasing glimpse of Lizzy Bennet’s childhood at Longbourn, and a rather sad episode turns into a fairy tale plot beyond the impressionable girl’s imagination. She is the chosen niece to whom an aunt and uncle bestow great affections and instruct Elizabeth in the advantage of prudent investments. A school for young ladies in London provides introduction to Georgiana Darcy, and a variation on the original P&P is a certainty. Mid book Elizabeth’s return to Longbourn heralds her fortunes as much improved, her sisters little changed. Now a variation on P&P begins, and proceeds to a rather abrupt ending mid-stream with Elizabeth’s final word as a suspenseful strap-line (?) Book 2 presumably is a continuation of the former. Ms Rachel has an excellent command of history, good dialogue, and good characterisation. The narrative however weaves from formal to informal, and the paragraph structure is essay thesis format. The Jane Austen Complimentary is hereby bestowed for historical merit and unique prequel and amusing P&P variation.